One of my favorite fragrant flowers is Tuberose.  A bulb flower that blooms at night and has nothing to do with roses.  They are surprisingly in the agave family.  Great for powder rooms and for those who are obsessed with the sweet complex fragrance the blossoms can be wired and added into corsages or made into lei’s–either single or double. The flower meaning for Tuberose’s during Victorian times was dangerous pleasure.  So smell at your own risk.

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Mustache Madness

What is it about mustaches that are so intriguing?  Such a fun prop for photos, which can be ordered or made using a variety of mediums:  fimo, candy, wood or felt.   So grab a mold, a template online or simply order from “I moustache you candy lollipops on Etsy.”

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Terrariums are magical environments, perfect for centerpieces. One can display a variety of items in or under the glass; desserts, flowers, embellishments, plants–the choices are endless!  So throw a terrarium party with friends, give one as a gift, as favors, or simply showcase on your tabletop.

Here are some tips for creating a living terrarium if you prefer a more everlasting display. Terrariums recycle their moisture and need very little attention with these steps.

1.  Choose a clear glass container, the smaller the opening the more difficult.

2.  Put small, like plants together; similar temperament to water, sun, temperature, in/outdoor

3.  Add layers in the following order:

  • Small pebbles as the bottom layer allowing for drainage
  • Activated charcoal, essential if enclosed to purify the air
  • Sphagnum moss to help filter the water
  • Regular potting soil (unless planting cacti)
  • Small plants like succulents, miniature African Violets
  • Anchor the plants with potting soil
  • Embellish with pebbles, sea shells, moss, trinkets

Voila, add water then replenish about once a week, unless enclosed, then a month between watering.

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