Today’s weddings are all about personalization and originality. With the abundant online and in-store resources currently available, many brides are turning to DIY to better express their artistic style. Some may fear that by hiring a wedding planner they would be losing creative control, but we are here to help make the couple’s vision a reality. A planner has the knowledge and experience to integrate all the bride’s ideas and layouts into an overall cohesive design with good flow, balance, and transition.

The most important wedding accessories is a smile;  other accessories  such as paper flowers and monogrammed ballet slippers for the flower girls add a little element of surprise at a wedding.  Escort card tables are a great way to showcase creativity and say goodbye to the days of the boring guestbook. Guests can now sign postcards that the parents can send to the couple at a later date or they can sign a large magnum of wine to be enjoyed on the couple’s anniversary. There are no rules; the possibilities are endless!

Some of my favorites:

Having a photo booth that makes flip books

Incorporating family traditions

Choosing a color palette that is timeless or a favorite color

Offering a signature drink

Table Names (Instead of numbering the tables they can be named after a shared hobby like tea: Earl Grey, Peppermint, Chamomile, Lemon Rose, or if the couple enjoys cooking the tables could be named in spices: saffron, sea salt, tarragon.) Which makes the wedding favor easy to coordinate.

Colorful shoes for the bridesmaids and/or bride

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