Terrariums are magical environments, perfect for centerpieces. One can display a variety of items in or under the glass; desserts, flowers, embellishments, plants–the choices are endless!  So throw a terrarium party with friends, give one as a gift, as favors, or simply showcase on your tabletop.

Here are some tips for creating a living terrarium if you prefer a more everlasting display. Terrariums recycle their moisture and need very little attention with these steps.

1.  Choose a clear glass container, the smaller the opening the more difficult.

2.  Put small, like plants together; similar temperament to water, sun, temperature, in/outdoor

3.  Add layers in the following order:

  • Small pebbles as the bottom layer allowing for drainage
  • Activated charcoal, essential if enclosed to purify the air
  • Sphagnum moss to help filter the water
  • Regular potting soil (unless planting cacti)
  • Small plants like succulents, miniature African Violets
  • Anchor the plants with potting soil
  • Embellish with pebbles, sea shells, moss, trinkets

Voila, add water then replenish about once a week, unless enclosed, then a month between watering.

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